5 spring photography ideas.

Lean into this special season with these creative photography ideas.

Spring is a season of noticing — the blooming of flowers, the buzzing of bees, and the awakening of life all around you. It's a season of watching your landscape transform before your eyes, both gradually and all at once. It can feel like a fleeting season, too — one that changes quickly and becomes summer before you even realize it.

All of these elements make spring both a special AND a challenging time to capture with your camera. Tune into the changes, notice your environment, and explore spring photography ideas that highlight the best that the season has to offer.

Creative spring photography ideas.

Embrace the season and get your inspiration flowing with some of these spring photography ideas.

  1. Embrace change. Spring is a season of change. Think about how you can play with that idea in your photography. Perhaps it's capturing the way light changes a scene by photographing the same spot at different times of day. Or maybe it's exploring how time changes the environment by shooting a flower or a tree each day of the season.
  2. Find your subjects. Of course, flowers, birds, bees, and rebirth are all quintessential springtime themes. Find subjects that evoke what the season means to you — early blooms, lengthening days, baby animals, buzzing bees, butterflies.
  3. Weather the weather. From strong sunlight to refreshing showers, the quickly changing springtime weather also makes the season special. Take advantage of these moments and the unique lighting and mood they provide. Try shooting in a rainstorm, or right after the rain, or in an ethereal sunny morning, or on a bright day. Highlighting the shifting weather patterns — and how those weather patterns affect your environment — is a subtle and impactful way to capture the season.
  4. Embellish your composition. Springtime can be downright whimsical, so why not play with the imaginary? If you're the artistic type, try creating miniature scenes with small props, dolls, and cut-outs. Transform a mushroom into an umbrella for a family of colorful frogs caught in a rainstorm. Turn a hole in a tree into a mossy, cozy home for baby bunnies — complete with a fireplace! A wonderfully whimsical world can emerge with springtime scenes as your backdrop.
  5. Create with color. One of the most striking parts of springtime is the color. Especially after a long, dreary winter, the budding of vibrant flowers, of greenery, of life, brings welcome color to your compositions. Take advantage of the varied and striking colors all around you. Build a creative composition around one striking color or compose scenes of various colors that play off one another. Bright yellows, purples, pinks, and greens are great building blocks for these scenes.

Bring out vibrancy in your edits.

Want additional helpful photography tips and tricks? Discover more techniques for capturing the essence of springtime in your next photoshoot. And then check out Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for masterful editing techniques, from enhancing vibrant colors to emphasizing shifting lighting.