Christmas photoshoot ideas for families.

Discover ways to reinvent the classic holiday portrait with these Christmas photoshoot ideas for your family.

A family Christmas photoshoot is a great way to spend time with your loved ones and capture special holiday moments together. If you want a unique portrait, use these Christmas photoshoot ideas for families to infuse even more festiveness into your photos.

Put a new twist on a classic holiday theme.

Nothing quite says Christmas like a family photo with matching sweaters. But you can sprinkle in some whimsy to put your own twist on this classic.

Instead of traditional holiday outfits, give “ugly” Christmas sweaters, vests, or even hats a try. Or you can decorate each family member with Christmas lights and ornaments to brighten things up.

Use the holiday decor you have lying around and incorporate it into your photoshoot for a fresh take. To get even more creative, try out a few expert photography tips to make your family photo stand out this year. Don’t forget — you can always touch up the lighting and erase imperfections with photo editing software after the shoot.

Hunt for innovative and interesting angles.

Classic family portraits are usually shot around eye level with everyone perfectly in the frame. For a unique family photo, try out a different angle or interesting perspective.

Instead of lining up by the Christmas tree, take a photo of your family in the reflection of a large ornament. If you’ve recently had a baby or a pet, you can explore their perspective from down low and have a lot of fun with the results.

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