Cool urban photoshoot ideas for hobbyists.

There’s no better setting for edgy, modern photos than a cityscape. Discover great ideas for urban photoshoots in this brief guide.

A bustling city has no shortage of great photoshoot locations. But how do you find the picture-perfect location to capture the specific urban look you’re after? Use these helpful urban photoshoot ideas to pick the perfect backdrop to take stunning pictures.

Stylish suggestions for metropolitan photoshoots.

  1. Bring in the skyline: Cities around the world are renowned for their distinctive skylines. Shoot your photos at a high vantage point to easily use this unique urban feature as your backdrop.
  2. Use the environment: City architecture is full of striking lines and structural elements — use them to frame the photo and draw the viewer’s eye to your subject.
  3. Showcase urban art: Graffiti and street art, as well as classic and avant-garde monuments and statues, make for unique backdrops and settings. Arrange your photo so that your subjects become a part of the artwork.
  4. Use a slow shutter: Take a shot using a slow shutter speed while your subjects pose in front of moving traffic. These kinds of photos are challenging to take, but when they’re done right, the results are incredible.
  5. Make the light work for you: Cities are full of vibrant lights, from streetlights to restaurant signs. Use cityscape light sources to your advantage and create unique moods.
  6. Vary the background texture: From rough brick to smooth glass, urban settings offer a whole range of photographic textures. You can capture wholly different moods by simply varying the textures.

Fix your photos in post-processing.

Good editing software helps you fix mistakes in your urban photos. With Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, you can easily adjust colors and lighting with presets, or sharpen or blur objects with focus tools. You can even edit your photos out on the street with your mobile device.

Unlock your creative potential — start integrating your city’s distinct features into your next photoshoot today. Discover more great photography tips for photographers of all skill levels. Learn what you can do with Lightroom.