An introduction to abstract nature photography.

Discover some of the must-know building blocks of abstract nature photography.

Just like with other types of abstract art, abstract nature photography is all about helping the viewer see the world differently. Learn how you can start altering perspective — keep reading for an introduction to this new way of viewing and expressing the nature around you.

What is abstract nature photography?

Abstract nature photography is a photo style that focuses on images using photography materials, equipment, and concepts that might not otherwise be considered part of the physical world. Specifically, this type of abstract photography interplays abstract concepts with nature.

How do abstract photographers create this type of art? They employ a few different tools, like:

Think outside the box with abstract nature photography.

When it comes to abstract photography of any kind, it’s important to remember there’s no step-by-step guide – everyone’s process is different (and that’s kind of the point).

Here are five tips you can employ to get started on your own nature photography journey.

  1. Explore playing with texture and light instead of focusing on a traditional subject to evoke different feelings in your viewer.
  2. Try shooting objects or subjects in motion to explore the unique perspectives and results of motion blur.
  3. Work with landscape aerial photos to alter perspectives and create abstract landscapes.
  4. Consider using a macro lens to zoom in on a traditional subject and help you explore its details.
  5. Approach a landscape from a different, more out-of-the-box perspective and avoid thinking of landscape in a concrete way.

Take your abstract photography to new heights.

There are no rules about how to improve when it comes to abstract photography – but the right tools can definitely help you get ahead. Discover all the ways Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom can help you transform your photography.