How to choose a video compressor app.

Learn how to shrink down those huge video files with the right video compressor application.

If you’re a video editor, chances are you’ve felt that sweet relief when you finally export your beautiful, finished project. However, it’s quickly followed by sheer terror when you’re faced with a gargantuan file size you realize is impossible to share with anyone outside your office.

Thankfully, with the right video compressor app, you can shrink files down to more manageable sizes and share your creation with anyone in the world — regardless of their download speeds.

Key features of a video compressor app.

Just like the files they shrink, video compressor apps come in all shapes and sizes, so which one you choose comes down to your unique needs. However, there are of course some key features you should compare when choosing the right app for you. Look for these key features when choosing a video compressor app:

  • File export types: You’ll want to choose an app that supports both “lossy” and “lossless” file format exports so you can choose whether to preserve your data when you compress or not.
  • Batch compressing: Does your application allow you to compress multiple files at once? If you have a lot of files to compress, this one is crucial.
  • Compression speed: How fast your app can compress your files and how much memory it needs to do so are also important to consider.

Whether you’re just looking to shrink down one file or 1,000, if you have these key features, you can’t go wrong.

Compressed video files make sharing a breeze.

Once you’ve chosen the right video compressor app, you can share your projects to any platform with ease. Get more video tips to create videos that will amaze and delight your audience.

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