Learn how to edit videos on Android.

Learn easy methods for editing Android videos on the go, whether you want to make minor edits or create high-quality special effects.

Video editing is so much more than trimming or cutting clips — it’s an opportunity to create a cohesive story through carefully placed transitions, special effects, and more. One of the best things about video editing software today is that you can often edit in the same way you shot your video — right on your phone. Let’s talk about two ways you can use your Android to edit your videos.

Built into most Android devices is the Gallery app, which you can use as a basic video editor. Intuitive and easy-to-use, this app is ideal for minor edits.

To begin, just open the video you want to edit. An editing toolbar will automatically appear on your screen. Then, simply choose different editing options, such as cropping, trimming, adding filters, as well as adjusting the video speed. Once you complete and save your edits, the app will automatically save a copy of the edited video.

The best video editing app for Android.

While built-in apps are excellent for quick edits, if you prefer more full-featured editing capabilities, you may want to consider using more advanced video editing software.

Dedicated video editors like Adobe Premiere Rush will give you more control over every creative aspect of the editing process, even on the go. You can add and arrange multiple video clips, as well as still images and audio files. You can also apply presets to all clips or just a select few, as well as adding a variety of special effects — all from your Android device.

With Android, editing videos and sharing your creation is as easy as a few taps. When choosing a video editor, consider if you want simple edits or more creative tools — this will help you choose the right editor for the job.

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