Learn more about the MP4 video format.

Learn the pros and cons of using an .MP4 format in your video editing workflow.

An MP4 is a common “container format” for video files that allows you to store a lot of video and audio information in a smaller file size. If you edit or even play videos on your CPU, chances are you’ve come across .MP4 video files.

Like any video file format, the MP4 has its benefits and drawbacks depending on how and why it’s used. For video editors looking to better understand their options when it comes to video files, here’s a short guide to the pros and cons of MP4 format videos.

The benefits of the MP4 format.

MP4 is a widely accepted video format which comes with a lot of benefits. There are numerous reasons that video editors choose to create video files using this format. Here are some of the key reasons:

If you’re a video editor looking for a small final file size that allows for easier digital distribution (like streaming) on many platforms, an MP4 may be the perfect format for you.

The drawbacks of the MP4 format.

Like anything in life, this format also has its drawbacks. For editors looking for lossless compression or high file security, this format may not be for you. Here are some of the main drawbacks:

Find new ways to be creative.

There’s always something new to learn as you explore working with MP4 video formats. Get more video tips to help you elevate your projects and create anything you can imagine.

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