Try these top Premiere Pro music video effects.

Music videos are all about style, flash, and excitement. If you want to make the most of your musical escapades, here are some of the most popular Adobe Premiere Pro music video effects.

Get funky with chromatic aberration.

If you want to add a psychedelic feel to your music video, chromatic aberration is a great effect to use. It creates an almost 3D look by blurring and distorting colors.

You can find the Chromatic Aberration effect in the Premiere Pro effects library. Just add it to your adjustment layer and play around with the settings until you get the desired look.

Add speed ramps.

Slow-motion and hyper-speed never go out of style. They look great in big-budget action movies, and they’ll be just as good in your music video.

To create a speed ramp, first change your view to show speed. Right click (Windows) or Command click (Mac) on a clip and choose Show Clip Keyframes > Time Remapping > Speed.

Then, create two keyframes in the clip where you want to change the speed. From there, you can click and drag the white line between the two keyframes to adjust the speed. Dragging up puts the clip into fast motion while dragging down goes into slow motion.

Speed ramps are a great way to add some drama and excitement to specific scenes in your music video.

Put a picture in a picture.

What’s better than one image in your video? Having multiple videos playing at once. A picture in a picture effect is when you have multiple clips of different sizes, all playing simultaneously on the screen.

To create a picture in a picture, simply drag a clip into a different layer above another clip. Then, resize each clip accordingly, and they’ll both play together. Repeat the process for as many pictures within pictures (within pictures) you want to create.

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