A guide to GoPro video formats.

Discover different types of video formats for your live-action projects.

Because video files can be large, programs called codecs were created to make them easier to store and share. These extensions encode data and compress it, then later decode the data in order for users to edit or view the file.

The files are basically wrapped in “containers” called file extensions. The type of file extension you choose for any video project will depend on your desired balance between quality and seamlessness.

What are the different video formats?

Before you decide on the best video format for your project, here are a few popular formats you should know something about:

The top video file formats all offer something different, designed for varying purposes and platforms.

What are the best GoPro video formats?

Typically, GoPro cameras record video in two types of formats:

Both formats offer unique benefits and downsides, but one important point to remember is that you’ll want to convert it first in order to use your preferred video editing program. Then you can edit and format your clips properly for any platform.

Unlock more video editing potential.

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