How to add text to GoPro video.

Learn how to add text to GoPro videos to help describe the action taking place.

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but sometimes, it helps to add a little text that describes what’s happening in your GoPro videos. Luckily, it’s easy to add text with a video editor.

Add text with a video editor.

The best way to add text to your GoPro videos is with a video editor. Some video editors, like Adobe Premiere Pro, are especially suited for editing GoPro video and make it easy to add text by following these three simple steps.

  • Open your video editor of choice.
  • Import your GoPro video and drag it to the Timeline.
  • In the top toolbar, select Windows > Tools> Type Tool.

Once you click on Type Tool, a window will open with all the text options. From here, you can click anywhere in the viewer and start typing.

Customize your text.

Just like your GoPro video, your text should be anything but default. You can also adjust your text to match your video’s style. Navigate through the Type Tool menus to adjust a wide range of settings:

You can also add animation effects to make your text move around or enter the screen in exciting ways. Learn more video tips and tricks to customize your footage and create content that’ll amaze your viewers.

Discover everything Premiere Pro can do to help you make exciting GoPro videos even better.