How to duplicate a clip in Premiere Pro.

Sometimes, a clip is so good you want to use it twice. Learn how to duplicate a clip in Adobe Premiere Pro to simplify your video editing experience.

Click and drag clip duplication.

Since it’s such a common editing tool, Premiere Pro makes it easy to duplicate a clip. The most popular clip duplication method requires only one button and a quick drag of the mouse. Simply follow the steps below to duplicate a clip in Premiere Pro:

  • Select the clip you want to duplicate.
  • Press and hold alt (Windows) or Option (Mac).
  • Click and drag the selected clip to a new part of the timeline.

Once you release the click, you'll find the newly duplicated clip wherever you dragged it. You can duplicate clips horizontally in the timeline or vertically into a new layer.

Copy and paste clip duplication.

Instead of using the alt or Option key on your computer, you can also use the copy and paste method to duplicate clips:

  1. Highlight the clip you want to duplicate.
  2. Right click (Windows) or Command click (Mac) on the clip and select Copy.
  3. Use right click or Command click again where you want to drop the duplicated clip and select Paste.

You can also use shortcuts ctrl+C (Windows) or Command+C (Mac) for copy and ctrl+V or Command+V for paste. No matter which method you use, it’s easy to duplicate a clip in Premiere Pro in just a few quick steps.

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