Learn how to edit videos on your Mac.

Get started on editing videos on your Apple Mac. Learn the basics of Mac video editing — from trimming clips to adding effects — with this helpful guide.

Apple Mac computers are popular platforms for video editing with everyone from hobbyists to Hollywood movie producers. Macs make it easy to create stunning videos — as long as you have the right tools.

This tutorial teaches you how to edit videos on a Mac desktop or laptop with Adobe Premiere Pro.

How to edit videos on a Mac.

  • Launch Premiere Pro. On the Start screen, click New Project or choose File > New > Project.
  • Enter your project name and choose a location where the project will be saved. Click OK.
  • Import your media by simply dragging and dropping your files. You can also press Cmd + I or use the Media Browser to import files.
  • Select the Editing workspace from the top menu bar. This rearranges your view slightly to make editing videos smoother.
  • Add your media to the timeline. Select one or more of your imported files and drag and drop them to the timeline.
  • Cut and trim your video and audio clips. You can rearrange clips by clicking and dragging them around the timeline. To trim media, simply grab and drag the edge of a clip. You can also use the Razor tool to split clips.
  • Add transitions and effects. Browse transitions and other effects by selecting the Effects tab on the Project window. Drag and drop these effects into your timeline to add them to your video.
  • Export your video. Select your timeline and press Cmd + M or select File > Export > Media. In the Export window, set your file name and settings and click Export.

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This is just the beginning. You can add titles, edit audio, adjust color, and much more with video editing software that makes it easy to create and edit from any platform, anywhere.

Explore what more you can do with Premiere Pro to edit your videos like a true professional.