How to export Premiere Pro to mp4.

You finished your project, and you’re ready to show it to the world. The only thing left to do is export it in a device-friendly format. Learn how to export your video to mp4 with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Steps to export your video to mp4.

Just about every platform and device is designed to work with mp4 videos, which is what makes it one of the most common video formats out there. Because the format is so popular, Adobe makes it easy to export your video as an mp4. Once you finish editing your project, here’s how to export the Premiere Pro file to mp4:

  • Choose Export from the header bar at the top of Premiere Pro to open the Export workspace.
  • Type your file name in the File Name dialog and click the Location option to specify where to save your file.
  • Choose H.264 from the Format menu. This will create an mp4 file on export. (Note: There are several H.264 presets available by default in the Preset menu that provide a good balance between quality and playback performance.)
  • Click Export.

It’ll take a few minutes to export the project — depending on the length of your video. Once the export is complete, you can find your new mp4 video in the file folder you selected.

What’s the best export format?

The best format for your video largely depends on what you want to do with the file. Although there are some exceptions, mp4 is widely considered the best overall video format because it’s compatible with just about every device and online platform.

For example, mp4 files work on everything from phones, computers, and DVD players to streaming and social media sites like YouTube, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

In addition to their compatibility, mp4 files compress the video data just enough to make it easily playable without hurting quality. That means your viewers will be able to watch your stunning video regardless of how strong or fast their internet signal may be.

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