How to flip video in Premiere Pro.

Whether you want to get a new perspective, fix an error, or just play with gravity, it’s easy to learn how to flip video in Adobe Premiere Pro.

When you flip a video, it creates a mirror image of the picture. You can flip horizontally or vertically to create the perfect perspective for your video project.

Flip the whole clip.

Most video projects are composed of several clips all put together. Sometimes, you might want one of those clips to face another direction for a different feel. When you want to flip a whole clip in Premiere Pro, follow these simple steps:

  • Click the Effects menu on the top toolbar.
  • Select the Transform tab.
  • Choose either Horizontal Flip or Vertical Flip from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • Click and drag whichever flip you choose onto the clip.

The flip effect will be applied immediately to the clip once you release the click. You can then play the clip in the viewer to see the difference a flip can make.

Flip part of a clip.

Sometimes, it might be part of your artistic vision to flip just part of a clip, creating a unique, disorienting effect.

It’s easy to flip even small pieces of a clip in just a few steps:

  1. In Premiere Pro, press the C key to bring up the Razor tool.
  2. Click the location in the clip where you want to start the flip. Click again where you want the flip to end.
  3. Choose either Vertical Flip or Horizontal Flip in the Transform tab (just like when flipping an entire clip).
  4. Drag your chosen Flip effect to the clip segment you created.

The part you selected should flip immediately. You can rewatch your project to make sure the effect turned out the way you imagined.

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