How to make a video logo.

Tie your branding efforts together and produce professional-looking video content for your business by creating a video logo.

If you’re creating videos for business presentations, social media exposure, YouTube, or any other reason, you’ll want to include intro and outro segments. These short segments provide consistency across your work and are a big part of branding. Learn how to make a logo that leaves an impression on your video’s audience.

Why a video logo is important.

A key element in any intro or outro segment is the video logo. This critical 1–5 second clip is essentially your company logo — created for video so that it comes alive. At a minimum, you’ll want your existing static logo to zoom, fade, slide, or exhibit some other animation characteristics. Beyond that, your creativity is the limit.

How to put it all together.

If you design your video logo with reusability in mind, you should only need one or two versions. For example, create one dark background video logo and one with a lighter background, depending on the color scheme typically used.

To provide effective branding, your video logo should remain consistent across the places it will be applied. Many content creators create a library of several intros and outros to match the video’s mood or tempo. Even with that, the video logo in every intro and outro should always be recognizable.

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