Split a clip in Premiere Pro.

Being able to split clips is the foundation to great video editing. Discover more about removing unwanted sections and adding effects to specific moments to level up your videos.

Try the Razor tool.

Although Adobe Premiere Pro can split clips in two ways, the more common method is to use the Razor tool. Follow these three simple steps to easily split your clips:

  • Drag the clip you want to split into the timeline.
  • Select the Razor tool on the panel to the left of the timeline.
  • Click on the clip where you want to create a split.

This will separate your single clip into two wherever you clicked. Now, you can work on both of them independently for even more creative flexibility.

Split a clip with the Current-Time Indicator.

The second way to use Premiere Pro to split a clip is with the Current-Time Indicator and a few keyboard shortcuts. These three steps will easily accomplish this:

  1. Move the Current-Time Indicator to the part of the clip you want to split.
  2. Check to make sure the video layer is highlighted on the left side of the timeline.
  3. Press ctrl+K (Windows) or Command+K (Mac) to split the clip.

Just like with the Razor tool, the clip will be split into two right where the Current-Time Indicator is positioned.

Keep in mind that the audio channel is also highlighted with this method, as it splits right along with the video channel. If you split the audio file accidentally — or vice versa — it could lead to some synching issues later.

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