Want to start a business vlog? Here’s how.

Learn the basics of business vlogging and how you can jumpstart your own business vlogging channel.

When we hear the term “vlogging,” we often think of social media influencers posting content on their channels. But vlogging — especially business vlogging — is more than that.

Keep reading to learn more about business vlogs.

What is a business vlog?

Vlogs — short for video blogs — are videos that can be about virtually any topic: comedy, education, criticism, fashion, and beyond. Business vlogging is exactly what it sounds like: a vlog that focuses on business tips, business information, and more.

How to start a business vlog.

Here are a few steps you can take to develop your vlog:

  1. Pick a niche so you can provide helpful information to a dedicated audience.
  2. Develop your brand and your brand voice to set your channel apart.
  3. Invest in vlogging gear like a digital camera or smartphone, sound and lighting equipment basics, and video editing software.
  4. Generate topics, then develop related scripts or storyboards to plan your shoot.
  5. Film a few videos in your preferred format, then polish them with a video editing program.
  6. When you’re satisfied, produce some additional episodes so you will have a backlog to post from.
  7. Determine what platforms you’ll use, then start posting so you can begin to establish a following.

How a vlog can put your business on the map.

A well-produced business vlog can help grow your business by helping you connect with new audiences, reach your target market, develop a rapport with them, and even boost search engine optimization as you work to establish your brand.

That means your vlog — every video you post — should be as high-quality as possible. It helps to use a full-featured video editing program like Adobe Premiere Pro to ensure you’re creating top-notch content.

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