How to use a video background editor.

Learn how a video background editor can help you transform your videos with brand-new backdrops that match your artistic vision.

Just because you shot a video with a certain background doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it. You can use a video background editor tool to make slight changes to the background, like changing the color or swapping it out entirely. Here’s what you need to know.

What is a video background editor?

A video background editor is a piece of software that identifies the difference between the subject and the background of a video and lets you make changes to the background only. Basically, it saves you from having to edit your videos frame by frame, like in the old days.

You can find standalone video background editors (where that’s all they do), or you can download a full-service video editor like Adobe Premiere Pro that has a video background editor included. Whichever method you choose, there’s no easier way to make changes to your video’s background.

How background video editing works.

Most video background editors work with a simple color replacement. They identify the color(s) you want to remove and simply take them out of each frame in the video.

Video background editors work best when your background is a single color — like a green screen — but it can also work with more complex backgrounds. If you use a green screen (or something similar) you need to select only one color to remove or replace.

With a more complex background, you’ll need to select a few colors to edit. Just make sure your subject doesn’t have any of the background colors you want to replace. Otherwise, you might end up editing them too.

Once you choose the colors to replace, save the changes and watch your edited masterpiece.

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