How to make a memorable short film.

Sometimes the best stories are the shortest ones. Learn how to make an impactful short film with these tips.

You might think that because a short film is shorter than a feature-length film, it’s easier to make. But with such a quick time constraint, you need to pack in a lot of action, impact, and emotion. That takes expert storytelling skills, a laser focus on your idea, no-nonsense execution, and disciplined editing.

Get started making your powerful short film with these tips.

Map your story.

Think of a plot idea that can unfold in under five minutes — the best ideas are simple, impactful, and speak to a larger truth. Focus on this singular, core idea to keep your short film simple and its message clear. Here are some plot ideas to get started:

Now that you have your idea, start writing your short film screenplay. Remember, the story needs a natural introduction, rising action, and a resolution that can unfold in a few minutes. Incorporate these elements into your screenplay and try to keep it under eight pages.

Start shooting.

The same rules apply whether you’re shooting a long video or a short film.

Invest in a good camera, ideally an 8-megapixel phone camera or better.

Capture quality audio with an audio recorder, instead of relying on the mic in your video device.

Film in short takes to diversify your clips and edit together a compelling narrative.

Edit it together.

Your video editing software makes all the difference. Once you’ve got your software downloaded, edit with the same rigor you used to write your screenplay. When you’re editing together pieces, ask yourself, does this segment contribute to my narrative? Anything that doesn’t serve your story should be removed.

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