Create action speed ramps with Premiere Pro.

Want to play with time and create epic action sequences in your video? Speed ramps are a great way to emphasize pivotal moments in any project.

What is speed ramping?

Speed ramping is when you gradually change the speed of a video clip. You can see speed ramping in countless action movies and sports videos, when the action changes between slow motion, standard speed, and fast motion.

How to use speed ramp in premiere pro

It might look like a fancy Hollywood trick that only pros can do, but a film editor like Adobe Premiere Pro makes it easy to add a speed ramp to any project. Just follow these steps:

  1. Change your view — Right-click on the clip you want to add the speed ramp to and choose Show Clip Keyframes > Time Remapping > Speed. Now, you’ll be able to see speed changes in your clips.
  2. Create a keyframe — Press P or select Pen on the toolbar. Then, click on the white line in your video track once where you want to start your speed ramp and again where you want it to end. This will create keyframes where you can adjust the speed between the two points.
  3. Adjust the speed — Click on the white line between the two keyframes and drag it up to make the video faster or down to go into slow motion. The more you drag, the more drastic the time change.
  4. Smooth the transitions — Choose the Selection tool and drag one side of the keyframe marker on your clip to smooth out the transition into slow or fast motion. (If you don’t do this step, the transition will be instantaneous.) This makes the transitions much smoother. Again, the farther apart you drag the keyframes, the more gradual the transition.

Create as many Premiere Pro speed ramps as you want to help make your video project look as epic as the big-budget blockbusters.

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