Tips for filming a travel vlog.

Want to make your travel content the best it can be? Here are a few tips to help you film a travel vlog that captures all your adventures.

Don’t film everything.

Your trip might have been fun from start to finish, but your viewers aren’t looking for a complete play-by-play. Focus your filming on only the most important or exciting things that happened throughout your travels.

Not only will this save you time looking through all the footage later, it will also help you live in the moment as you tour the world instead of spending your entire time behind a camera lens.

Have only one main topic.

Many travel vloggers try to capture the essence of an entire trip, even if they visit multiple cities or engage in lots of different activities. Although all of it might be interesting, it’s a good idea to give your vlog a single main focus.

Center your vlog around one activity or place. If you visit a town that you find fascinating, create one vlog exploring everything it has to offer. Then, create another vlog about your next destination. Each video should have its own specific subject. If you cram too many topics into one vlog, it can be difficult for viewers to keep up.

Edit your footage.

It’s not hard to get hundreds of hours of footage over the course of a trip. Unfortunately, nobody wants to sit through all of that, no matter how interesting it may be. Once you get your raw footage, trim it down using a video editor like Adobe Premiere Pro.

Video editors make it easy to organize, trim, and splice your footage to make a concise video that truly encapsulates your travel experience. You can also add special features to engage with viewers, such as transitions, text, and animations. Get more video tips to help you make great videos.

Discover what you can do with Premiere Pro to edit your travel footage to perfection.