The ultimate video post-production checklist.

Don’t forget important editing steps after the shooting is done. Follow this post-production checklist to make sure your videos are as polished as possible.

Video post-production isn’t one single job — it’s a whole collection of tasks. It can be easy to forget some of the steps, especially if you’re editing in a hurry. Use this checklist to make sure you don’t miss any editing steps.

Things to remember during video post-production.

  1. Cutting and trimming: Make sure your video has appropriate pacing and that your cuts aren’t too fast or slow. Watch through the video to align your editing decisions with the video’s tone and message.
  2. Music and sound: Pick appropriate music for the video’s mood and tone. Ensure that all volume levels are correct and that sound effects are in the right places.
  3. Color: Use color correction and grading to make all footage and pictures appropriately vivid. Fix any changes in color tone between shots. Ensure that your colors flatter the people appearing in your video.
  4. Titles and graphics: Spell check all titles, subtitles, and other graphics. Make sure your graphics fit the video’s tone and colors. Fix any animation errors or glitches.
  5. Visual effects: Ensure that your transitions are smooth and natural. Any effects should blend into the rest of the video — don’t make them too garish or intrusive. Watch the video to see whether your effects feel unified.

Proper tools for post-production.

A comprehensive video editing software program, like Adobe Premiere Pro, brings all the tools you need into one package. It helps you organize your editing process as you follow the post-production checklist. Easily cut and trim footage, add effects, adjust colors and audio, and much more.

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