What is a 360-degree experience video?

Learn how to film a totally immersive video from a new perspective.

A 360-degree experience video is exactly what it sounds like — a video that provides an entire, 360-degree view of what’s happening. In order for this to work, it places the videographer — and, consequently, the viewer — at the center of the action. Learn more about this new and increasingly popular type of video.

Surround sound … but for your eyes.

You’ve probably experienced surround-sound audio. Now, you can have the same experience with video.

  1. How do you watch a 360-degree video? 360-degree videos are typically made for virtual reality devices, in which the headset-wearer is placed at the center of the video and can fully explore the entire environment surrounding them. You can also pan through a 360-degree video on a phone or on a web browser, by merely moving the phone or dragging the mouse around your browser screen.
  2. How do you make a 360-degree video? This type of video is usually filmed with a special rig of several cameras, or one camera with multiple lenses, recording overlapping angles at the same time. It really comes together in the editing process. Through what’s called “stitching,” the footage is merged into a spherical video, and the colors, contrast, light, and shadow are calibrated so that the footage looks unified and continuous.
  3. What software is needed for editing 360-degree video? Depending on the device, you might be able to edit this on the camera itself, or with specialized software that has the capabilities to analyze overlapping video and audio and splice together a cohesive video.

Take your videos into the future.

Explore how you can use Adobe Premiere Pro to create 360-degree experience videos. And learn more about cutting-edge techniques and ideas to film and edit futuristic, immersive videos.