How to make aesthetic video edits.

Edit your videos for a unique look. Use these simple tips to enhance your videos and discover your aesthetic.

Looks matter in video. Picking the right aesthetic to suit the mood of your video can easily take it to a whole new level. Here are some handy editing tips for making stunning videos.

Four great tips to make aesthetic video edits.

  1. Play with color: Color correction and grading tools are a simple way to enhance the mood you want to evoke. Bump up the vibrancy for extra cheer, or use high contrast or faded colors to amplify the drama. You can even go fully black and white and eliminate color altogether.
  2. Use video filters: Drop in a video filter to quickly change the look of your video. You can add a variety of beautiful effects and lock in the visuals you want. Filters are one of the simplest go-to tools for aesthetic video editing.
  3. Add animated effects: Visual effects — or VFX — are great for making videos more pleasing to the eye. Use animated graphics and titles to make appealing transitions, while lens flares and other effects will spice up the bulk of your content.
  4. Don’t forget audio: We said looks matter, but you shouldn’t forget about audio. Music and sound effects can have a great impact on the mood of your video. Many websites offer free audio clips and music — or you could record your own.

Aesthetic video editing apps to discover.

A good video editing software program makes it easy to edit your videos for the aesthetic that suits your project and your own personal style. Adobe Premiere Pro has a full suite of tools to tweak the look and mood of your footage. Create motion graphics and visual effects, adjust colors, add audio, and much more.

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