Video camera settings for beauty videos.

Capture every detail of your hair, makeup, or fashion with the right video camera settings for beauty videos.

How to set your beauty video's white balance.

If you want to showcase your awesome makeup skills or new hairstyle ideas, your camera needs to be able capture vibrant colors and tones. To do that, you should set your white balance correctly to get the right exposure for your shooting environment.

Here’s how some beauty video creators use gray cards to set the perfect white balance:

  1. Put the gray card where you’ll be shooting your beauty video.
  2. Take a still picture with the card in the middle of the frame.
  3. Go to your camera’s Custom White Balance setting
  4. Use the picture to set the custom white balance.

Remember to reset your white balance if you change to a different colored backdrop. This will help you get the perfect exposure for your video and maintain true colors.

Use auto-focus with tracking.

Most beauty video content creators film themselves, which can pose a problem when it comes to focusing the camera. Set your camera to Auto-Focus and turn on the tracking feature. This will let the camera know that it’s in charge of focusing while you’re doing your thing.

Keep your aperture open.

When shooting a beauty video, the audience needs to focus on one subject, and one subject only. To create a narrow depth of field — which blurs the background and makes you the only subject in focus — set your aperture to as wide as it can go. Aim for a f-stop between f/1.8 and f/4. The wider, the better.

Make adjustments with video editing software.

Even with the perfect video camera settings for beauty videos, there are always adjustments to make. Upload your raw footage to a video editor like Adobe Premiere Pro. From there, you can adjust settings like exposure, white balance, and color to make your videos as beautiful as you are.

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