5 Beauty video ideas your followers will love.

Stuck in a rut? Here are a few creative ideas for beauty videos that will help you attract new views and wow your current audience.

1. Costume makeup tutorials.

Outstanding makeup can make or break a costume. Why not show your viewers how to do their costume makeup like a pro?

Create videos that showcase your makeup skills. You can teach your viewers how to do popular costumes like zombies and vampires, or you can go all-out and turn yourself into something ridiculous like an ice cream cone.

2. Celebrity tutorials.

Is there a celebrity with a unique style you like? Create a beauty video that teaches people how to copy their makeup or hair trends. With so many celebrities to choose from, you’ll have months’ or even years’ worth of creative ideas for beauty videos.

3. Fun voiceovers.

Most beauty video content creators narrate their own videos. Why not change it up and get someone else to do a voiceover?

This could be a great opportunity to collaborate with another content creator and expand your audience base. Or you could go in a more fun direction and choose someone who doesn’t know anything about beauty trends just to hear the silly things they come up with. Either way, you’re guaranteed to get some unique content for your beauty videos.

4. The no-mirror challenge.

Put your beauty skills to the test and try to put on makeup or do your hair without a mirror. You might not be able to see what you’re doing, but your viewers will sure enjoy watching you try.

Makeup trends are always changing. Showcase the changes by making videos about beauty trends throughout history. What made 1920s styles different from trends in the 1960s? Not only will you create unique content for your viewers, but you can also expand your skills into different eras.

Want more videography tips? No matter which creative idea you choose, discover how you can use Adobe Premiere Pro to make the most of your beauty videos.