How to become a videographer.

Turn your passion for video into a long-term career in videography with these industry insights.

A career in videography can be rewarding, creative, and lucrative. You get to work on television sets, capture special wedding moments, or even shoot movies with a film crew.

The possibilities can be endless. Actually, learning how to become a videographer might be a little easier than you think. Take a look at the tips below to get a head start.

Maximize industry knowledge.

Aspiring videographers should learn the ins and outs of video equipment, handling techniques, and more — and this starts with education. This not only develops confidence, but it also creates a strong foundation on which to build your career. Some videographers are self-taught, while others hold a degree or certificate in:

No matter which route you take, you’ll need to read as much as you can about video editing, camera operation, and other videography principles. It’ll make it easier to build a strong portfolio and find a great job opportunity in the future.

Expand hands-on experience.

Regardless of your skill level, continue to learn and practice in real time as you work to become a videographer. Take your career to the next level by gaining hands-on experience with:

The more you practice, the better you’ll get — which is why it’s a good idea to get more video tips to hone your craft. And when you’re ready, you can join professional videography groups to find internships or career opportunities.

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