How to edit vlogs like an expert.

Turn raw footage into an impressive final cut with these vlog editing principles.

Footage is only half the battle when it comes to vlogging. The other half is piecing together a story that resonates with viewers — which is where editing comes in.

Vlog editing can be a little tricky at first, but once you’ve got a rhythm and know your editing software well, it can be a breeze. Use these tips to learn how to edit vlogs like a pro.

Start with the basics to develop your own style.

There are some classic video editing techniques that never get old like cuts, trims, and fades. Play around with these staples to craft Internet-ready content from raw footage.

You can also take advantage of video editing software features to add in things like:

These kinds of elements make it easier to ensure all of your final vlog cuts are stylistically consistent across the board.

Go in order and make a few passes.

Vlog editing can take just as much time as capturing footage but you can get faster at it with practice, a strategy, and the right software.

One of the best ways to keep your final vlog structured is to edit in chronological order — from beginning to middle to end. Start by getting more video tips to incorporate new techniques as you edit. Then, watch your edited vlog and take some notes.

You can always make another pass to edit things you’ve missed or pepper in some creative cuts, text, and polish. Then, explore what more you can do with Adobe Premiere Pro to up your editing game.