How to make a technology video

Learn the steps to make technology videos about your favorite gadgets.

  1. Get your gadgets.
  2. Write a script.
  3. Build your shot list and record.
  4. Edit the final technology video.

Get your gadgets.

Every good technology video starts with a gadget. Whether you buy devices yourself, borrow them from a friend, or work directly with the manufacturer, make sure you spend a good amount of time using the gadget to learn all its features.

As you use the technology, keep a bulleted list of talking points for the video. They will help ensure you don’t forget any minor details that might be really important to your viewers.

Write a script.

Once you have your list of talking points, expand them into a full-fledged script. If you’re not a great writer, you can record yourself talking about the device into a text translator on a smartphone or computer app. That’ll help you “write” a script that sounds natural when spoken aloud.

No script is perfect on the first try. Read your script aloud and edit it to make sure it flows well and sounds natural. It might take a few rounds of edits to make it perfect.

Build your shot list and record.

Looking at your script, think about which shots you want to go with each part of the text and leave them as comments in the script document. This will be your shot list.

With everything ready, it’s time to shoot your technology video. Follow your script and shot list to stay on track while not missing any details.

Edit the final technology video.

Even if you use the best recording equipment, all videos need at least a little editing. Use video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro to cut, splice, and piece together different shots and audio tracks for the final version of your technology video. You can also make color corrections and add transitions to give your video that professional feel.

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