How to make a wedding slideshow.

Wedding slideshows are very popular. Learn from the mistakes of others by following these simple steps.

Many couples have found that a wedding slideshow — a short, looping slideshow played during the reception dinner — is a great way to tell their love story and entertain their guests. Wedding slideshows are easy to create but take a little planning.

How to make a wedding slideshow

Follow these simple steps to create a memorable slideshow.

  1. Gather photos from both the newlyweds’ families. Keep in mind that guests from both sides will attend. Try to keep an even number of photos for each side of the family.
  2. Upload your photos. Collect pictures from family and friends, plus use plenty of pics taken while you were getting to know one another. When asking for photos, request a digital copy. Digital copies will help you avoid quality issues that can occur when taking a picture of a picture.
  3. Edit the photos. Before screening the wedding slideshow, use the video editing app to assemble and order the images. Adding audio enhances the slideshow experience but finding songs that relate to the pictures can add time, so plan ahead. Don’t forget to also leave yourself time to review your creation.
  4. Test your display equipment. Few things are as frustrating as having technical difficulties on the big day. When you test the audio/video equipment beforehand, you’ll help to ensure a smooth, enjoyable experience for everyone.
  5. Find an easy-to-use video editing app. The app you choose makes a big difference in both the quality of the final product and the creative experience itself. Adobe Premiere Rush offers a range of easy-to-use yet feature-rich tools that can help you tell and share your love story.

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