Ideas for your lifestyle vlog.

Want to start a lifestyle blog but don’t know where to begin? Try these tips.

Vlogging — or video blogging — has exploded over the past decade. It sounds like a simple idea: You make videos of yourself living your life, and people follow along. But ultimately — your goal should be to create an authentic connection with an audience and add value to their lives. Follow these quick tips to start, shoot, and edit a vlog that resonates.

Start with your purpose.

You’re the subject matter of your vlog. Viewers get invested in your personality, your life, and your daily activities. Make sure that the purpose of your vlog is authentic to who you are and what you love. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you get started with your vlog:

That last question is extra important. If you care about the information you’re sharing and think it’s important, your viewers will sense that and respond positively.

Shoot an introduction video.

Once you feel good about your lifestyle vlog’s general idea, you next need to nail the intro. This is how your audience will get to know you, so make sure your introduction reflects all those preliminary questions you asked yourself.

Edit with style.

The best vlogs are short, sweet, and action-packed. Viewers don’t want to watch an hour of you talking about one thing. Use video-editing software to splice engaging clips, b-roll, and compelling scenes.

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