Pro tips for wedding videography.

Wedding videography is a competitive field that often relies on word-of-mouth advertising. Adding some pro tips to your repertoire will help you grow your business.

Being a good wedding videographer takes more than just the best equipment. Weddings are intensely personal events — incorporating these tips into your business will help to reinforce your reputation as the best wedding videographer around.

Get to know your couple beforehand.

If you don’t already have a personal relationship with the wedding couple, spend some time with them before the event. Come to understand their vision for the final video product. Get them to talk about the traditional shots they expect and other creative ideas they may have.

On the day of the event, you’ll be in director mode. Your client needs to trust that you know what they want and know how to capture the right moments. Building a relationship with the couple, and even the couple’s family, can help you avoid a contentious shoot.

Shoot lots of B-roll.

In addition to traditional shots and the other special moments, wedding couples and their guests will enjoy it if you include plenty of B-roll. This is where you can capture candid moments that add an extra dimension of humor and entertainment. Make sure to include both sides of the family equally in the wedding video.

Master your editing software.

Modern video editing software offers numerous advanced features that can make wedding videography an art form. Get to know how to use the editing features you’ll need as a professional wedding videographer — explore everything you can do with Adobe Premiere Pro today.