What is a sound bite?

Learn all about sound bites and how you can use them to spruce up your videos.

A sound bite is a short clip of audio extracted from a larger file that’s used to summarize a longer piece, like a speech or music composition, and entice the listener to learn more. The kind of bites can also be made into sound effects to enhance your videos.

How to make sound bites for video editing.

To make a sound bite, simply import a file into a video or audio editor like Adobe Premiere Pro and trim it down to a couple of seconds. Try to choose a part that really summarizes the audio file. If you’re making a sound bite out of a speech, find a meaningful phrase that sums up the overall theme. A music file can be made into a bite from a catchy chorus or something that will make the listener want more.

The average sound bite is under eight seconds long, so be selective when choosing that specific file part.

If you need just a few simple sounds to spruce up your content, there are plenty of free sound effects online that you can easily download and add to your videos. That way, you don’t have to worry about trimming sound bites manually.

How to add sound bites to your videos.

Once you have your bites, it’s time to add sound effects to your video:

  1. Open the project in your video editor.
  2. Upload the sound bites by dropping them into the Essential Sound panel.
  3. Drag each sound bite to its appropriate place on the timeline.
  4. Adjust the volume of each bite accordingly.

When all the sound bites are in their proper locations, your video is ready to wow all your viewers.

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