How to use a spherical lens in your filmmaking.

Learn the definition of a spherical lens and discover how it can contribute to your filmmaking success.

Not sure which type of lens is best for your filmmaking needs? Keep reading to learn more about the spherical lens and the advantages it can bring to your unique filmmaking.

What is a spherical lens?

A spherical lens — sometimes also known as a singlet — is an optical lens with a curved surface that causes light rays to converge or diverge. Spherical lenses are some of the most common lenses used, in part because they project images onto the sensor without affecting their aspect ratios.

Other types of lenses — like anamorphic lenses — will project a compressed version of an image, which usually requires stretching in post-production to display properly.

How a spherical lens can improve your filmmaking.

Why should you opt for a spherical lens when you are shooting and editing your film? Because it can offer several things that other types of lenses can’t. For example, spherical lenses boast advantages like:

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