What is a video mosaic?

Learn how to arrange many small videos into a larger image to create a stunning mosaic masterpiece.

Similar to a standard mosaic where the image is composed of many small, colored tiles, a video mosaic instead uses many small videos to create its image.

What you’ll need.

To make a video mosaic, you need three things:

  1. An idea of the overall image you want to create.
  2. Many, many video clips (which technically isn’t just one thing).
  3. Video editing software.

The idea is to take the video clips and arrange them into squares, then add a colored filter to each square that, when seen from a distance, resembles a larger picture. The smaller you want the mosaic tiles to be, translates into the more video clips you’ll need to fill them.

Once you know what kind of mosaic you want to make and you have all your video footage in hand, you’ll need a video editor like Adobe Premiere Pro to put it all together.

How to create your mosaic.

Creating a video mosaic is very similar to making a video collage; it’s just larger and more intricate. To start making your mosaic, open your video editor of choice and follow these steps:

  • Upload your video clips.
  • Use the Essential Graphics panel to select a template that suits your overall image.
  • Customize your mosaic by filling the template with your video clips.
  • Save and export your project.

There are hundreds of graphics, animation, and sound effects templates available for video editors like Premiere Pro. Take the time to find the one that suits your unique mosaic vision, download and add it to your project, and you’re ready to start customizing.

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