What is product videography?

Learn more about the art of product videography, plus tips for creating attention-grabbing e-commerce videos.

Sometimes a product can be so unique, intriguing, or unusual that your first thought might be, “tell me more.” This is where product videography comes in — it’s a visual explanation of the benefits of a product, and it’s a leading trend in e-commerce today. Let’s explore more about this “show and tell” concept of videos.

How to make great product videos.

Product videography is a unique blend of videography and cinematography — which means that you’ll not only be capturing raw video footage, but you’ll also get the chance to think creatively about the various scenes and how they should come together in a complete story. Here are some questions to consider when planning yours:

Since this work is a type of video marketing, you’ll also want to consider how you integrate the product specs. Sometimes that’s in obvious ways, and other times it’s more subtle. For example, is there a way to show that your product is the lightest or thinnest or biggest on the market — without actually saying it?

How to edit product videos.

Product videography doesn’t end with the raw footage — the editing is just as important as the filmmaking. Apart from cutting excess and adding transitions, your video may benefit from attention-grabbing graphics or voiceovers to explain further, plus don’t forget the emotional power of music. It all comes down to the story you’re trying to tell.

There is no right or wrong way to shoot product videography, and with the right tips, tools, and techniques, the possibilities are endless when it comes to letting your creativity shine.

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