Customer stories

Customer stories

ACCC Insurance Company

Leading provider of personal auto insurance transforms legacy content into top-notch interactive courses using Adobe Captivate.

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American Airlines

American Airlines, one of the largest airlines in the world, created and delivered over 200 complete courses using Adobe Captivate.

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PSA Airlines

Leader in aviation industry uses Adobe Captivate to create engaging content. 

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IHS Global

A Christian healthcare organization that adopts a clinical and spiritual approach in training its employees using Adobe Captivate. 

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Molina Healthcare

Leading Healthcare Insurance provider achieves faster sales onboarding using Adobe Captivate.

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Bank of the Pacific

Leading banking service provider in the Interstate region relies on Adobe Captivate for creating eLearning courses.

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Heidelberg Engineering

Heidelberg Engineering (Germany) supports customers with visual eLearning programs designed with Adobe Captivate.

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Market leader for explainer videos brings its successful format to the next level through interactivity and access across devices using Adobe Captivate.

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GAAP Dynamics

"A clear advantage that Adobe has here is its responsive design. And that really provides the ability to view the training on any device..."

– Mike Walworth, Founder & CEO, GAAP Dynamics 

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"Adobe Captivate enables us to rapidly create rich and interactive content that engages our customers and gets them on board with our software 50% faster than before."

– Oliver Spear 

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Design Goat

Instructional design and development agency uses Adobe Captivate to help clients reach business objectives through engaging training experiences.

meLearning Solutions

meLearning Solutions gets fast start using Adobe Captivate to deliver custom web and mobile training programs for high-profile clients.