Joyride – Immersive Car Experiences.

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Self-driving cars, windshields with interactive displays – the future we once imagined has arrived.

As immersive technologies become ever more advanced, OEMs are faced with many questions; how can we enrich our in car experience? And what will differentiate car brands once driving is no longer a part of it? We sat down with experts from Microsoft and WayRay , leaders in holographic augmented reality, to discuss the key challenges and opportunities for OEMs.

Topics include:

  • Content driven business models and partnerships.
  • Immersive AR ‘work and play’ experiences.
  • Owning the in car ecosystem.

The race to redefine customer experiences is on. Register to watch Joyride – Immersive Car Experiences now and put your business in pole position.


Your Adobe Team

Watch the teaser video with Vitaly Ponomarev.

Join Adobe’s Jan Borgwardt as he chats with automotive leaders about the technical requirements for creating truly immersive and personalized customer experiences.

Our guests

Heiko Hüttel
Former Senior Director Automotive
and Tech Lead

Vitaly Ponomarev
Founder and CEO

Our speaker

Jan Borgwardt
Principal Automotive & Lead Central Europe Adobe
Digital Strategy Group

Joyride – Immersive Car Experiences.

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