Understanding, who doesn’t buy our cars and why with BMW.

On Demand Session

Today, around 80% of customers that research an OEM online will never reach out to a sales representative.

Thankfully, the disruptive new technologies that have changed the way people buy cars also allow OEMs to gain deeper insights into what customers think and feel.
In our exclusive video session, Who Doesn’t Buy Our Cars? (And Why), automotive experts discuss how OEMs can learn from lost opportunities and create experiences that inspire.

Topics include:

  • How to overcome the paradox of choice.
  • Connecting and analyzing data across the entire sales journey.
  • How quiet quitting relates to potential lost sales.

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Join Jan Borgwardt as he chats with Dr. Jens Thiemer and Neerav Bhansali to unpack the modern sales environment and what needs to be done to close the deal.

Our guests

Dr. Jens Thiemer
Former Senior Vice President Customer & Brand
BMW Group

Neerav Bhansali
Head of Industry GTM Strategy
Automotive & Mobility

Our speaker

Jan Borgwardt
Principal Automotive & Lead Central Europe Adobe
Digital Strategy Group

Who Doesn’t Buy Our Cars? (And Why)

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