Identifying Existing Installs

Identification method

To identify an existing install, use a combination of the serial number and the LEID contained in the SWID file. Use the attached script automatically get the SWID details:

Licensing identifiers (LEID)

Licensing identifiers (LEID) provide a unique way to identify most of Adobe’s licensed products. You will need to know a product’s LEID in the following workflows:

  • Installing a serialized product via a package created with AAMEE (typically CS bundled products).

  • Using the APTEE tool to perform licensing and activation tasks.

Product LEIDs:

  • Continuous Track: V7{}AcrobatCont-12-Mac-GM

  • Classic Track 2017: V7{}AcrobatESR-17-Mac-GM

  • Classic Track 2015: V7{}AcrobatESR-12-Mac-GM

  • Classic Track 2020: V7{}AcrobatESR-20-Mac-GM


Once an ETLA serial is provided, the LEID changes for unserialized commands. For example, for both tracks it becomes V7{}AcrobatETLA-12-Mac-GM.

Software identification tags (SWID)

Software identification tags (SWIDs) help IT organizations manage software assets by providing the ability to identify the license state of installed software. SWIDs also provide a method for distinguishing between subscription (cloud) and boxed installs.

SWID files are located under /Library/Application Support/. For example:

/Library/Application Support/{}AcrobatPro-AS2-Mac-GM-MUL.swidtag

The tag file name is of the format: <regid>_<product_title>-<unique_software_identifier>.swidtag. The values are determined as follows:

  • <regid>: is Adobe’s regid.

  • <product_title>: The product name which is the same as the value of <product> in the tag file.

  • <unique_software_identifier>: A combination of the product licensing identifier and licensed locale which is the same as the value of <softwareID/unique_id> in the tag file. Locale information is applicable only for products that are not installed in the trial mode.

SWID location

The SWID file resides in /Library/Application Support/<filename>.swidtag

Example SWID file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<swid:software_identification_tag xsi:schemaLocation=" software_identification_tag.xsd"
  xmlns:swid="" xmlns:xsi="">

<!--Mandatory Identity elements -->
<swid:product_title>Acrobat X Pro</swid:product_title>
 <swid:name>Adobe Inc.</swid:name>
 <swid:name>Adobe Inc.</swid:name>

 <swid:name>Adobe Inc.</swid:name>
<!--Optional Identity elements -->