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This object represents an Acrobat form field (that is, a field created using the Acrobat form tool or the Doc addField method). In the same manner that a form author can modify an existing field's properties, the JavaScript user can use the Field object to perform the same modifications.

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() Object

Defined in Field.js:92

Gets the array of terminal child fields (that is, fields that can have a value) for this Field object, the parent field.



An array of Field objects.



Defined in Field.js:121

Sets the focus to this field. This can involve changing the page that the user is currently on or causing the view to scroll to a new position in the document.



Object private

Defined in Field.js:68

The foreground color of a field. It represents the text color for text, button, or list box fields and the check color for check box or radio button fields. Values are defined by Color arrays.



Defined in Field.js:36

Returns the type of the field as a string.



Defined in Field.js:48

The value of the field data that the user has entered. Depending on the type of the field, may be a String, Date, or Number. Typically, the value is used to create calculated fields.

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