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Updated Oct 28, 2020.

17.011.30143 Optional update, June 13, 2019 (Windows Only)

This release is a hotfix patch for Acrobat DC and Acrobat Reader DC that addresses some important bug fixes.

Track details

This hotfix patch is applicable for Acrobat and Reader 2017 track.

Available installers

Windows installers
Product Type Installer Size Language Install over...
Acrobat Patch Acrobat2017Upd1701130143.msp 121 MB All DC classic 2017 release base
Reader Patch AcroRdr2017Upd1701130143_MUI.msp 44.2 MB All DC classic 2017 release base MUI

Bug fixes


  • 4276861: Acrobat Reader crashes on clicking “Enable All Features” button in Protected View mode while opening a Dynamic Form and windbg being set to default debugger.

Known issues

For a list of current issues, see http://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/kb/known-issues-acrobat-dc-reader.html.

Technical details

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