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Updated Apr 23, 2021.

15.010.20056 Planned update, January 12, 2016

This release is a planned update for the products listed in the table below. The latest version is always available through the product’s update mechanism, from the enterprise FTP site, and for some languages, from the Reader Download Center.

Track details

The Acrobat DC product family introduces two tracks for both Acrobat and Reader which are essentially different products: “Classic” and “Continuous.” Most end users will install the Continuous track provided from the Reader Download Center. Enterprise organizations will user either the Classic or Continuous track. For details and a comparison of the two tracks, see http://www.adobe.com/go/acrobatdctracks.

Available installers

Windows installers
Product Type Installer Size Language Install over...
Acrobat Planned update AcrobatDCUpd1501020056.msp 126.5 MB All DC base
Reader Planned update AcroRdrDCUpd1501020056.msp 61.3 MB All DC base
Reader Planned update AcroRdrDCUpd1501020056_MUI.msp 31.2 MB All DC base MUI
Macintosh installers
Product Type Installer Size Language Install over...
Acrobat Planned update AcrobatDCUpd1501020056.dmg 249.2 MB All DC base
Reader Planned update AcroRdrDCUpd1501020056_MUI.dmg 86.3 MB All DC base

New product features

This release provides various new features for end users described in the New features summary.

Enterprise-Centric features

For these features, refer to the Administration Guide.

Security bulletin

This release provides mitigations for vulnerabilities described in the corresponding security bulletins of Reader and Acrobat.

Bug fixes


  • 4057299: Acrobat crashes on opening any file that invokes the dialog for tagging document for reading file with another file simultaneously

Edit Page Contents Touchup

  • 4065044: Preference for disabling text recognition during Edit

Export PDF

  • 4058020: Acrobat crashes when a PDF is exported through app route

Fill and Sign

  • 4057943: Data goes missing on printed saved-legacy form with signature fields Fill and Sign
  • 4052731: Image imported for Signature is rotated 90 degrees
  • 4037045: [Enterprise Proxy]: User gets signed-in in Reader/Acrobat but FSS works in offline mode


  • 4080000: Crash when trying to “Save as Reader Extended PDF”

Import Comments

  • 3931132: A comment that deletes all text in a bullet point is marked “Placement Unconfirmed” when imported to Word


  • 4068560: Paper capture recognition error occurs on enabling editing


  • 4002621: Extra text present in Graphics when Word is converted to PDF using PDF Maker
  • 3989970: High low charts are not showing correctly when converted from Word to PDF
  • 3968641: Word doc to PDF, Logo in Header section get shifted, also axis in graphs shifts and text around graph is missing in resulting PDF
  • 3915019: Output of the image in the given file is not correct when converted from Word to PDF
  • 4065798: [Office 2016 Win]:Chart gets missing after converting Word to PDF
  • 4000829: Outlook crashes while converting emails to pdf when it encounters an invalid URL in the mail


  • 3942595: Search dialog in the Portfolio is not resizable


  • 3980477: Preflight dialog cannot be closed after creating or using Droplet


  • 4080895: Acrobat does not handle Reference Form XObjects correctly

Services Integration

  • 4037223: [Enterprise Proxy] BASIC/KERBEROS: Unable to save any file on Document Cloud

SharePoint Integration

  • 4028535: SharePoint files are not getting opened in Acrobat/Reader if opened from SharePoint Server 2013 (SP1 onwards) even if Active X are enabled in browser


  • 4057508: Home view RHP cannot be accessed in High Contrast White/Black theme
  • 4046768: Window goes blank and Acrobat process will not terminate on quitting Acrobat after launching new window, merging them and closing some tabs
  • 4044975: Windows: Not able to move pages from one tab/document to another in same window
  • 4067473: Mac 10.11: Progress bar not shown for any application except Enhance Scan

Web Capture

  • 4041314: Windows 10: Web Capture options are not available in IE context menu

Known issues

For a list of current issues, see http://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/kb/known-issues-acrobat-dc-reader.html.

Technical details

Go to the Release Notes Home for information about the following:

  • How to update
  • Update order
  • Definition of release types
  • System requirements
  • Language Support
  • Compatibility
  • Product end-of-life schedule