Adobe DPS - Library and Store SDK 2.32

Adobe DPS - Library and Store SDK 2.32

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Enterprise customers of DPS can create custom stores or libraries using a JavaScript API. With this API, you can duplicate e-commerce functionality found in the default library. By creating your own store or library, you can customize the UI to fit your needs. Custom stores and libraries are displayed in webviews. A custom library replaces the default app library. A custom store appears as a webview when users tap the custom icon in the bottom navigation bar. Custom stores and libraries are implemented using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Since custom stores are implemented with these technologies, you are not limited by what the API provides. You can display a video, create a game, cross-sell other items, and more.

For an overview and sample files, see Getting started with the v2 Library and Store API.

The Library and Store API is available only for DPS Enterprise customers.

You must include one of the following files with your custom HTML to access the APIs.

Note: For customers who previously used version 1 of the API, it is not possible to mix both versions of the API. You must use one or the other.

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