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Available on macOS and Windows



Get to your greatest work, faster

Plus up colors and styles, create layouts, and make it real.

3D Transforms

Give it depth and perspective. Make it move in 3D space. Showcase your work in a new dimension.


Create reusable buttons. Build resizeable cards. Make edits once and sync across your designs.



Add hover and toggle. Create interactions. Make endless variations of components for any scenario.


Repeat Grid

Duplicate galleries and lists. Make changes instantly. Click, drag, and repeat elements in any direction.

Repeat Grid

Content-Aware Layout

Swap and resize content. Make changes automatically. Spend less time nudging and adjusting.

Import from Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch

Edit it without starting over. Work with your favorite tools and bring it all together in XD.


Responsive Resize

Easily modify components for different screen sizes.

Adobe Fonts

Choose from thousands of fonts and sync across designs with your Creative Cloud account. Find fonts

Edit in Photoshop

Make changes in Photoshop and update instantly to your designs.

Blend modes

Create stylistic effects with combined layers and images.

Vector drawing tools

Draw shapes, lines, and paths to create interface elements and layouts.

Object & Background Blur

Make certain parts of your design stand out with focused effects.



Make it feel like the real thing

Add in user flows, interactions, and motion — no coding required.


Build micro-interactions. Add animations. Wow them with eye-catching motion effects.


Voice prototyping

Create voice commands. Build in speech playback. Give it sound with voice-enabled features.

Voice Prototyping

Scroll Groups

Build interactive carousels. Make lists and menus loop. Designate areas of your designs to scroll.

Scroll Groups

Anchor Links

Add navigation menus. Create scroll-to-top interactions. Jump to different points in your designs with clickable links.

Keyboard & gamepad support

Create interactions using keyboards and gaming controllers.

Audio Playback

Add sound effects to your designs for improved usability and personality.

Export to After Effects

Bring artboards and layers from XD into After Effects for deeper animations.

Device preview

Test and preview mobile prototypes with the XD app for iOS or Android.

Wires & Triggers

Drag wires that connect artboards and select Triggers to respond to user interactions.


Layer content to create slide-out menus, dialog boxes, on-screen keyboards, and more.


Collaboration & Handoff

Get there together

Move in tandem across projects and never wait for a handoff again.


Work together in real time. Create one source of truth. Keep your team aligned from anywhere.


Share Links

Publish links to your designs. Share with stakeholders. Get feedback from collaborators in a snap.

Design Specs

Handoff layouts and assets. Send the CSS snippets they need. Publish links to share with developers.

Design Specs

Design tokens

Create custom names for colors and character styles to use in coding.

Document history

Jump into previous design versions whenever you like.

Comments & Mentions

Follow conversations and feedback from stakeholders directly on your Share Links.

Private invites

Control access to Share Links and Design Specs by sending invites privately by email.

Password protection

Add custom passwords to Share Links and Design Specs for enhanced security.

Record videos

Demo prototypes by previewing on desktop and recording your interactions (available on macOS).


Design Systems

Scale it up, confidently

Share assets and components across projects — this is your single source of truth.

Cloud Documents

Save assets to the cloud. Share quickly with other designers. Access files from anywhere and keep everyone on the same page.

Linked Assets

Use shared colors and character styles. Link components to multiple documents. Push changes across designs, instantly.

Creative Cloud Libraries

Access shared logos. Exchange colors and graphics. Store all of your creative assets from Photoshop, Illustrator, and more, right here.

Design Specs



Unlock more, all in one place

Bring the magic of XD into external apps and tools.

XD Plugins

Automate tasks. Enhance your designs. Unlock new features with 200+ plugins at your fingertips.

App integrations

Link XD to other apps. Use built-in integrations. Work effortlessly with Dropbox Paper, Jira, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zeplin, and more.

Plugin APIs

Add your own features. Create custom plugins. Connect to XD tools and automate your workflow.

Plugin APIs

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