Intro to PDF Accessibility with Adobe Acrobat

Upcoming Skill Builder webinar | February 22 | 10:00 – 10:30 AM PT | Free of charge

Information accessibility not only supports information availability and inclusivity — it also shores up business-wide efficiency and compliance. As document workflows become increasingly digital, organizations need fast and easy ways to check for and create accessible PDFs at scale.


Join our February 22 Skill Builder webinar to learn simple ways to help ensure digital documents are accessible with Adobe Acrobat.  


Through helpful demos, we’ll show you how to: 


  • Locate accessibility tool capabilities within Acrobat. 
  • Quickly check document accessibility. 
  • Easily create accessible PDFs using Microsoft Word. 
  • Use automation capabilities to expedite daily document accessibility tasks. 


Register now and discover how simple accessibility can be with Acrobat.  




Lori DeFurio

Principal Evangelist

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