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It’s a new day for the banking industry, and growth is at the top of their agenda. Freed from last year’s focus on stabilizing operations, priorities have shifted to generating higher revenues from fundamentally new products and services and greater efficiencies and cost savings from business-critical processes. However, to succeed, you’ll need to achieve higher customer expectations for trust and quality of experience while utilizing new technologies and 100% digital workflows to transform operations digitally. American Banker, Salesforce, Adobe, and a panel of experts discuss how banking priorities are changing, where the biggest digital transformation opportunities lie, and how you can take the smarter, faster path to success.


Watch this webinar to gain these 5 key takeaways:


  • How the banking industry’s priorities have shifted over the last year and what their top 5 new objectives are 
  • What the next-generation banking products and services will be, and which technologies will enable them 
  • Where gaps in automation are found most frequently and how to fill them 
  • Why achieving customer trust is more important than ever and how to achieve it 
  • How to build the foundation for the 100% digital workflows that will benefit multiple banking segments




  • Moderator – Mike Sisk – American Banker
  • Natalie Myshkina – Head of Financial Services, Adobe
  • Ross Pringle – Perational Strategy & Innovation (Commercial Banking,) Citizens Bank
  • Brandon Gerena – Partner, IBM
  • Greg Blausey – Sr. Director, Industry Go-to-market- Banking, Salesforce
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