Three stacked documents displaying the process of extracting pages from a PDF file

Extract pages from a PDF file

Do you ever need just some of the pages in a PDF document? Now you can easily create a new PDF of selected pages from your original PDF using Adobe Acrobat online services.

A PDF document next to a red dustbin, displaying a PDF file after extracting pages

Set up the perfect PDF

Before extracting specific pages, you can organise your original PDF file. Move, rotate or delete pages. Then select the pages you want to extract into a new PDF.

An Adobe Acrobat PDF document that has been extracted from a PDF file

The best online PDF tools

Adobe invented the PDF file format. Try the highest quality online tools to extract PDF pages from one PDF file. You can work from anywhere with any browser, such as Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

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Extract PDFs from anywhere

Acrobat online services let you extract, convert, sign and share PDFs from anywhere.

Do more with PDFs

Customise PDFs your way

Need more PDF power? Subscribe to Adobe Acrobat to combine files, reorder pages, split a PDF and more.

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Get Adobe PDF quality

When you want the highest quality, use tools from the inventor of PDF. Sign in to do your work faster and better.