Adobe Express for business

Empower all your teams to create on-brand content.

Adobe Express is the easy, all-in-one content creation app for your business. Quickly make standout visuals like images, videos, PDFs, and social posts with Adobe Firefly generative AI.

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Adobe Express for business

Empower all your teams to create on-brand content.

Adobe Express is the easy, all-in-one content creation app for your business. Quickly make standout visuals like images, videos, PDFs, and social posts with Adobe Firefly generative AI.

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Stay on brand every time.

icon: black-brand-22 Apply brand guidelines to any project with one click.

icon: black-locked-templates-22 Share locked templates with your teams to uphold brand standards.

icon: black-cloud-sync-22 Link Photoshop and Illustrator files so your edits sync in Adobe Express.

icon: black-aem-22 Integrate Adobe Experience Manager to have all brand assets in one spot.

Design commercially safe generative AI content.

icon: black-quick-actions Generate extraordinary images and text effects from just a description.

icon: black-gen-fill-22 Add, remove, or replace any part of your image with Generative Fill.

icon: black-premium-templates-22 Choose from thousands of professionally designed templates or create your own.

icon: black-stock-22 Leverage 195 million royalty-free photos, videos, and music files from Adobe Stock.

Create, customize, and collaborate with ease.

icon: black-video-22 Create videos using easy drag-and-drop editing.

icon: black-templates-22 Edit and resize designs for any platform and enhance existing PDFs.

icon: black-auto-translate-22 Auto-translate into other languages.

icon: black-users-22 Share and collaborate with team members in real-time.

Learn what Adobe Express can do for your team.

Enable teammates to localize content.

Scale content with ease — share brand assets and templates with your team to adjust languages, context, or any audience needs.

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Run social campaigns like a pro.

Create cohesive campaigns. No experience necessary. Make an image. Apply your branding. Resize for any channel. Schedule. Post. All in a few clicks.

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Scale content in no time.

Equip your team with easy content creation tools. Make company branded templates for print, video, and digital to use across any channel.

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Jumpstart your team’s creativity.

Collaborate in real-time with Adobe Express. Co-create with your team. Give and get comments. Get it done fast.

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See how Adobe Express works. Edit a free business template now.

Learn how Adobe Express gets results for organizations.

Ensuring that our brand is represented correctly and coherently in the digital world is paramount, and a task that is distributed across many of our global teams. With Adobe Express, we’re creating outstanding and brand uniform content in a way that’s scalable.

Christina Lehnert

Digital Brand Experience Manager, Carl Zeiss AG

Adobe Express has empowered our creatives to focus on high-impact, high-value tasks while equipping our marketing teams with a powerful but easy-to-use design tool, allowing our creative teams to produce content more quickly and empowering marketing teams to move at the speed of social.

Bridget Esposito

VP and Group Creative Director, Prudential

Express is the bridge between creatives and noncreatives — it’s intuitive enough that noncreatives can easily pick it up and use it. Whatever your background, the learning curve is very quick.

Tom Barette

Design Director, Ernst and Young

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Make standout social content, flyers, logos, banners, and more. Free use forever.

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Get access to all premium features and design assets. 30-day free trial.

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Get everything in the Premium plan, plus extras to meet your business needs.

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{{pricing}}4/month per seat

First year only. Min. two seats required. One-year commitment required.

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Free features include:

  • 25 generative credits a month for features like Text to Image and Text Effects, powered by Adobe Firefly.
  • Features like drag and drop video creation and photo effects like remove background.1
  • Import and enhance PDF files in the editor and get 10 free PDF Quick Actions per month.
  • Thousands of professionally designed static & video templates, and design elements.
  • Animation presets to add motion to text, photos, videos, or design elements.

Everything in the Free plan plus more, such as:

  • 250 generative credits a month for generative AI features like Generative Fill, Text to Image, and Text Effects, powered by Adobe Firefly.
  • Features like drag and drop video, remove background from images and video, refine cutout, resize, and more.
  • Create Brand kits to keep logos, colors, and fonts consistent and apply brand guidelines to images in a click.
  • Over 195 million on-trend, royalty-free Adobe Stock Collection photos, videos, and music.3

Everything in the Premium plan plus more, such as:

  • 1TB of storage per user.
  • 180-day version history.
  • Admin Console for license management.
  • Ownership of all your corporate assets.
  • Sharing restrictions for your organization.

Frequently asked questions

What do I get with a business plan that I don’t get with an individual subscription?

Adobe offers three Adobe Express plan options for businesses: Adobe Express for teams, Adobe Express for enterprise, and Adobe Express & Adobe Firefly for enterprise.

By choosing a business plan, you can seamlessly add users as your organization grows so everyone can scale on-brand content creation.

In addition to all the in-app Adobe Express premium features, your business will get organization-level benefits. These include Admin Console for easy license management, 1TB of cloud storage per user, advanced 24/7 tech support, and company ownership of Adobe Express projects and assets.

What are the differences between the Adobe Express business plans?

Adobe Express for teams is designed for small and midsized organizations. Learn more about our pricing and get your teams started with Adobe Express today.

Adobe Express for enterprise is designed for large organizations that need enterprise-level control and management. We also have an Adobe Express & Firefly for enterprise plan that provides site-wide access to Adobe Express and indemnification for select workflows powered by Firefly.

To learn more about our plans, complete the form and our sales team will reach out and discuss your business needs with you.

I want my organization to start using Adobe Express. How do I get it for my business?

For small and medium businesses, buy our Express for Teams plan here.

For our enterprise plans and offerings, complete the form and our sales team will reach out to help get you and our organization started.

I would like to try Adobe Express for free before making a purchase. What are my options?

Interested customers can start Adobe Express for free. However, users will be required to upgrade to a premium version of Adobe Express if they want to access premium editing features such as remove background, bulk resize, and more.

For growing teams and businesses, we recommend purchasing one of our business plans so your organization can enjoy organization-level benefits such as company ownership of Adobe Express projects and simplified license management so everyone can create content quickly and safely.

Can customers currently use the images generated from Adobe Firefly in Adobe Express commercially?
Yes. The features powered by Firefly in Adobe Express are designed to be commercially safe and are now available to be used for commercial purposes. Any image generated using Firefly features in Adobe Express will not have a watermark.
What does “designed to be commercially safe” mean for Adobe Firefly in Adobe Express?

It means that Adobe is taking a thoughtful approach to how the Firefly family of models are being developed, including the sources of content used for training in accordance with Adobe’s AI Ethics Principles.

For example, the first model of Adobe Firefly is trained on Adobe Stock images, openly licensed content, and public domain content where the copyright has expired.

Can businesses train their own Firefly models in Adobe Express?
We are exploring the ability for customers to train their own models using their content, but don’t have any announcements yet.

1Enjoy limited free remove background Quick Actions. Unlimited with an Adobe Express Premium plan membership.

2Billing begins when your free trial ends. Cancel before free trial ends and you won’t be charged. Subscription automatically renews until you cancel. Cancel anytime.

3Adobe Express subscription required. The Adobe Stock photo collection does not include Premium or editorial content. Limited Adobe Stock functionality available in web page and video features.

4Introductory offer for Adobe Express starts at {{pricing.formatted}}/month per license for the 1st year, and renews at {{pricing.formattedBP}}/month per license. Price subject to change. Minimum 2 seat purchase.