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Explore Twitter header templates that make it easy to design your own custom banners. All skill levels are welcome.

Create your own Twitter header

Enjoy total creative freedom with our free header maker for Twitter.

Your header image is one of first things your Twitter audience will see — so whether you’re a journalist, an influencer, or a business, it’s important to use your banner to your advantage. With Adobe Express, you can make headers for Twitter that put your personality front and center. Choose from thousands of professionally designed templates, customize, and upload. Create a profile that starts a conversation.

Create your own Twitter header

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How to create your own header for Twitter.

Create your own Twitter header

Unleash your creativity with custom Twitter headers.

Because your Twitter profile is structured around your ideas and thoughts, it's important for your banner to stand out and be unique to you. Find your style along with some inspiration through the Adobe Express banner templates and customize them to fit your vibe. The features on Adobe Express are easy to use for quick branding and editing, so you can save time on designing and spend more time boosting your customized Twitter profile.

Create your own Twitter header

Let Adobe Express be your Twitter banner design expert.

Take note of a few design strategies that will help you make the best header design possible. Your banner will display differently based on the device you’re using, so keep in mind how it crops. Test out your banner on a desktop and mobile device to make sure it crops just to your liking. Consider creating a header design that is cohesive with your profile picture. Take advantage of having a space you can customize – use your header for a promotion, or to showcase yourself or your work.

Create your own Twitter header

Frequently asked questions.

What types of Twitter header designs can I choose from?
A Twitter header should capture the personality, style, branding, or information you want to communicate to your friends or followers. Choose a favorite photo, or create a custom graphic, such as a collage, wallpaper, meme, or infographic. Explore our templates to get started or make your own.
Should I include text?
Sure – you can add your own custom text, or explore our typography templates to make a message that stands out. You can also upload your own logo and add a slogan to create a branded header.
What’s the recommended size for Twitter headers?
Twitter headers are 1500px by 500px with a max file size of 2 MB. Keep important details inside the central 1500px by 360px area, as your header will crop differently on desktop devices and mobile. Also, be sure to leave space in the bottom left corner of your design where your profile picture covers the header.
Can I get Adobe Express for free? If so, what’s included?
Our free plan offers core features so anyone can get started making stand out graphics. Enjoy thousands of free templates, hundreds of royalty-free Adobe Stock images, photo editing, animation, and more. Explore our plans and pricing for details.
Can I create my own Twitter header template?
Turn any existing or new project into a shared template. Open your desired project, choose the Share option, and then select to make your project into a shareable template. Your templates will be copied to your library and anyone with access to your library can start a new project from your templates.